boiler centrifugal fan blower

Fang fast now has 10 tons of steam gas boiler centrifugal fan blower, there are two types.

1, the horizontal combustion chamber burning (referred WNS) 10 tons of steam gas boiler

How steam boiler centrifugal fan blower operation? Rules applicable to a range of operation of the steam boiler. 2.1 2 content steam boiler process equipment is high-pressure container, the operator must be well-known structures, explanation of the boiler performance and design, operation and obtain operating permits for technical examination in order to operate independently, it must be dressed labor duty products. 2.2 before ignition, each coping member ---- boiler display instrument, an electrical circuit, valves, cocks, pipes, water meter, pump, nozzles and various safety devices according to the procedure to check and confirm that no abnormal situation and leakage It may be started. Closing the hole in advance 2.3 Check the flue, the furnace and no foreign matter before proceeding. 2.4 start, programmed to check that the following do work: water meter; operation of water supply apparatus; low water cutoff operation; action pressure switch; pressure proportional control action; safety valve operation. 2.5 boiler blowdown should be run periodically (once per shift principle), blowdown, or prohibition hand hammer striking thereof with the drain valve opened, flushing water table once per shift. 2.6 boiler operation, the operator leaves his post allowed, when inspection tour should (in general a half-hour inspection, inspection records for one hour). 2.7 inspection tour should wear gloves, can not be touched with bare hands touch the heat conductive member, observe combustion furnace to wear protective glasses. 2.8 alarm has not met Ming, endless self-control or alarm malfunction, the scene was invalid or could not process should be shutdown immediately and report to the leadership process. 2.9 Where any of the following conditions should be treated immediately shutdown a) vapor pressure rises above the pole position, although the strengthening of water supply, steam safety valve has been ruled out, but the pressure continues to rise. b) serious water shortage c) the water level decreases rapidly (although the water supply, but still down) d) water gauge, pressure gauge, safety valves to malfunction. e) the furnace wall is damaged, a large number of smoke f) water supply equipment failure. g) the furnace leaking joints, deformation of the steel sheet, blister or crack is found. h) boiler full of water through drainage is still down. When the rear portion of i) the combustion flue found to have severe, or other polar operator safety risk. j) sudden onset of severe soda steam boiler or furnace Priming severe vibration. 2.10 into the furnace needs repair, you must shutdown before proceeding to cool to room temperature and adequate ventilation, cooling and insulation must take compulsory measures should only be approved by the leadership in case of emergency, and a person responsible for work safety monitoring . 2.11 chain boiler operation, its vapor pressure, air pressure, temperature must not exceed the specified pressure. 2.12 without permission not allowed to remove or destroy any safety valve, safety valve can not be automatically excluded from the operation of steam, shall report to the leadership of the exhaust valve with an artificial lift, and good maintenance. 2.13 When the general lack of water, they should be immediately "called water" tests, such as when the Department of severe water shortages, shutdown should be an immediate ceasefire to stop the water, such as the Department is not serious water shortages, slowly, a small amount of water, but must be strictly monitoring changes in a variety of instruments. 2.14 When shutdown when a cease-fire, before the air pressure drops to zero, the fireman can not leave their posts. 2.15 slag to be cleaned regularly, focused on targeted stacking. 2.16 boiler system must be checked to confirm a variety of instruments, alarms, safety devices intact, correct, sensitive before shift change. 3 Record 3.1 "fireman shift recording."

Refers condensing heat recovery technology, a condenser disposed in the boiler centrifugal fan blower flue tail, the high temperature flue gas discharged latent heat through the condenser, the condenser and then the flue gas prior to the recovery boiler portion back to the boiler for reuse, can be sufficiently improved thermal efficiency of boiler and thermal energy utilization, have its cake.

Boiler equipment belongs to special, complicated structure design, operating environment is more severe, during use, is often influenced by temperature and pressure stresses and alternating. If long-term use down, inspection and maintenance neglect boiler centrifugal fan blowers, boiler operation will likely cause reduced efficiency and security risks. Once accidents, often fatal. But many companies and personal security awareness is not strong, it is still a long time to run the boiler inspection, inability to control the operation of the law of the boiler, there is a big security risk.

Recently, Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province for coal-fired boilers Market Authority has embarked on a comprehensive inspection operations, according to "comprehensive coverage, thorough investigation, replicability, results-oriented" principle, the use of coal-fired boiler business diagnostic investigation, and effectively eliminate security risks.

City Supervisor Bureau focus on verification of the actual use of coal-fired boiler units, using the address, use, heating, technical parameters, test status, filing one by one, do on-site inspection records strict accordance with relevant provisions, retained image data. To phase out coal-fired boilers to be found in the inspection, and urge the relevant units to implement the safety responsibility, and return in time for retirement procedures using the registration certificate. So far, the council has issued eight safety supervision instructions to complete the verification of the use of 14 units of 45 coal-fired boilers and filing, of which three units have been deregistered 15 piece of equipment.

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PA Fan, which is one example of centrifugal fan use works to transport powder-sized coal from pulveriser to furnace. In addition, air from PA Fan is also used to dry the coal, so the combustion process in the furnace is more efficient. 4. Ventilation System

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