stainless steel steam boiler heating element

SZS series horizontal boiler is in D type arrangement, there is a burner in front of the furnace, so the effective area of the furnace are increased. Before high temperature gas is emitted through the chimney into the air from the economizer, they will loop through the furnace , over-heater, convection bank. The circulating in the convection bank between the upper and lower drum are belong to natural circulation, It is typical and high reliability natural water circulating structure, have high self-compensation, automatic allocation feature for ratio of rise and fall, so the water circulating is reliable and safety. And the convection bank also immensely increase the heating area, the economizer is protected by it because water in the convection bank Absorbed more thermal, the temperature of the gas through the economizer is lower. This is the reason for the horizontal boiler with overload.

Recently, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, a printing company 20 steam tons / hour of coal-fired boilers have been stalled, this is the last Yuhang district an industrial coal-fired boilers, which marks the shutting down of Yuhang District of industrial enterprises to bid farewell to coal energy structure of coal turned to natural gas and other clean energy, Yuhang District from entering the industrial coal-free era.

Yuhang District "coal-free zone" construction of road resistance and long. As a major industrial zone, a long time, Yuhang District to focus on coal-fired thermal power plants, coal-fired boilers and other industrial enterprises formed a coal-dominated energy consumption structure. In 2014, the maximum amount of coal Yuhang District reached 783,600 tons. Large coal consumption that emissions of sulfur dioxide, dust and the like remain high for many years.

In order to further deepen the air pollution control, to win the Battle of the blue sky, Yuhang District, from 2017, will gradually tangqi thermoelectric, thermoelectric and sea Chongxian three coal-fired thermoelectric power plant with all closed down, the sea of ​​clean natural gas for thermoelectric realized heat. 3 thermal power plant shut down so that the region's coal consumption, pollutant emissions and other indicators to achieve substantial reductions in road construction of "coal-free zone" has taken a crucial step.

Yuhang bid farewell to coal road this did not stop. While coal-fired thermoelectric accounted for the bulk of coal consumption and pollution emissions, but only out of coal-fired power plant is not enough. 2018, the government decided to promote taking advantage of Yuhang District, the region within the remaining four coal-fired industrial enterprises (Coal Products) pot (kiln) furnace closed down or eliminated or modified.

Yuhang District to increase the proportion of electricity consumption, and actively guide the region's energy unit of coal to electricity, oil to electricity, gas bottle to electricity, the construction of an orderly distribution grid, promoting smart grid construction; continue to improve the level of utilization of natural gas, and urban area in addition to all the town cormorant birds, Baizhang full realization of natural gas supply, a total of 850 kilometers of natural gas pipeline construction and municipal gas transformation 45000; to promote the application of photovoltaic power generation, the region's industrial and commercial enterprises amounted to 173 megawatts of photovoltaic capacity building distributed, clean energy applications has taken shape in Yuhang District.

According to statistics, "Thirteen Five Year Plan" (2016-2020) since the implementation of environmental statistics included in Yuhang district industrial enterprises coal consumption from 588,900 tons in 2016 down to 38,900 tons in 2018, to drop in early 2019 0.

A substantial decline in coal consumption is brought to slash emissions of pollutants and air quality improved significantly. 2018, the main pollutant urban air Linping PM2.5 average concentration of 38 micrograms / cubic meter, decreased 40% in 2015. Region sulfur dioxide emissions of 7,833 tons in 2014 to 2018 had dropped more than 90%; NOx emissions to 8490 tons in 2014 to 2018 had dropped more than 60%.

Whether the boiler thermal efficiency has increased its energy efficiency testing cycle: boiler this important site products, I believe we will not feel strange, because the site has been conducting explain the product-related knowledge, or their work answering questions Therefore, there will be above this conclusion, and the following will be on this basis, we continued knowledge and understanding of the product, so that we can penetrate where, rather than merely on the surface. 1. What is the boiler fixed row, and platoon boiler body hydrophobic? Boiler given row: the boiler is at a low load and a high water level, the drain valve is opened for discharge work, deposits on the bottom of the drum and to discharge dirt residues, etc., may be appropriately reduced alkalinity boiler water. Boiler platoon: using a porous drum surface following evaporation, to continuous blowdown, its main purpose is to avoid the boiler during operation, the boiler water Teng Priming occurs, thereby, reducing the quality of gas of the boiler. Hydrophobic body: boiler during operation, the appropriate supply valve is opened, and open the trap door so that the belt and the pipe sufficiently preheated, water is not condensed in the trap, so, in order to properly supply.

No pressure boiler has three obvious advantages, mainly: 1, absolutely safe and reliable operation. The biggest advantage of non-pressure boiler is not running under pressure, without any risk of explosion. 2, save steel, to simplify the process. No less demanding on the material pressure boiler, furnace in addition, cheaper to rest with ordinary carbon steel material, a welding process using fillet welds can meet the strength requirements, saving the solder material, and simplifies the process. 3, it is well known, the main boiler scale sulfates and silicates, both types of scale with the continuous evaporation of the water solubility decreases to a certain extent (saturation concentration) after precipitation. Perennial non-pressure boiler water temperature is maintained at about 95 deg.] C, of ​​less than the saturation temperature limit, scale is difficult to form. Therefore, no pressure boiler fouling also has the advantage of easy, so that unnecessary water treatment device omitted.

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