15ton-400ton abl boilers in power plant india list

Good safety performance is the basis for normal and stable operation of the industrial 15ton-400ton abl boilers in power plant india lists. Just boiler explosion occurred this year has been more than 10 cases, economic and personal security have caused serious and irreversible adverse effects. Boiler itself belongs to special equipment, the internal pressure, once the abnormal fault occurs, the consequences could be disastrous.

Gas 15ton-400ton abl boilers in power plant india list leaking classified and solutions

Under normal circumstances, it can be divided into the inner wall of leaking gas boiler leaking hand hole leaks, leaking water treatment system, water leakage inside the drum, and other types of flue leakage, water leakage different, have different solutions.

Dongguan City, Guangdong Province in phasing out coal-fired 15ton-400ton abl boilers in power plant india lists to replace the environmental transformation, biomass boilers in industries packaging, leather, clothing, textile and other widely used. However, biomass boilers still present drawbacks: If insufficient biomass combustion, typically generate a lot of dust, nitrogen oxides and other pollutants, improving PM2.5 concentration, air quality.

Dongguan City Atmospheric Office official said that since the Dongguan started Blue Sky Battle since, the city ton output capacity the courage to decisively eliminate those high pollution and high emissions industries and enterprises, won the majority of the masses of people, as well as many businesses family support; many enterprises to actively upgrade and elimination of outdated equipment and production capacity. In the eco-friendly background, out of high pollution equipment is the trend.

Transformation and upgrading of enterprises demand, government support policies have, inside and outside the echo, Dongguan out of biomass boilers into the fast lane. As of January 10, a biomass boiler out of the task of the city within 31 town street in Shilong, South City, the nave, Ma Yong, Hou Jie, stream, Feng Gang, Xie Gang, Chang Ping, Shek Pai, Chashan 11 Towns in the completion of the task of eliminating all living matter within the jurisdiction of the boiler. In addition, Long, Qi Shi, Tangxia, Sha Tin Kau five towns out of the completion of more than 90%, the remaining 15 Towns also have the confidence out of the task in the year 2019.

While out of the biomass boiler, Dongguan City, accelerate the pace of construction of gas pipeline to provide clean energy for the needs of the enterprise.

Atmospheric Office official admits:. "A few years ago, the city lags behind the construction of the gas pipeline, laying of pipe network coverage area of ​​a small number of enterprises in the coal phase-out of high-polluting fuels, the use of biomass boilers as an interim energy supply equipment, there are also often allowed to change the fuel business, steal burning coal. "but now, due to the environmental protection departments to actively coordinate the town street, village (community), industrial areas, and vigorously promote the construction of natural gas pipeline, starting from the source to provide clean energy for businesses, stealing burn the behavior of coal is greatly reduced.

Over the past year, the city has a new natural gas pipeline 256.6 kilometers, 530 companies have security using natural gas. The city urban management department based on the actual distribution of useful gas needs of enterprises to develop business for the city's more than 600 natural gas pipeline construction plan and coordinate the new Austrian, Xinghua, often positive and three gas pipeline company to carry out construction work to ensure that the natural gas pipeline construction project smoothly, so that more companies access to clean energy as soon as possible.

According to statistics, date, Dongguan City gas pipeline or central heating station accessible area of ​​660 biomass boilers, has eliminated 572 units, 41 enterprises have to apply for the boiler out of subsidies.

What are the conditions of the 15ton-400ton abl boilers in power plant india list structure boiler structure to meet the conditions to be satisfied by it? Meet the standards of the boiler in order to better applied to production, many people may not know the specific standards, today Xiaobian to tell you about the condition of the boiler structure satisfies: when the parts (1) the structure of the boiler can be run by design of free expansion a predetermined direction. (2) heating surface portions should be reliable cooling. (3) outside the boiler structure should be easy to install, repair and cleaning. (4) Each boiler pressure parts should have sufficient strength, and equipped with reliable security protection facilities against overpressure. Furnace structure (5) boiler should have sufficient bearing capacity and reliable explosion-proof measures, and should have a good seal. Should (6) the load bearing structure subjected boiler design loads have sufficient strength, stiffness, stability and corrosion resistance. (7) pressure receiving element, arrangement, opening and weld parts of the structure should be avoided or reduced composite stress and stress concentration. These are the conditions of the boiler structure should be satisfied, I believe you must have learned a lot of knowledge of it, I hope this helps you make better use of excessive boiler.

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