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What are the advantages of gas steam 200 liter electric cooking pot electric cooking boiler steam boiler on gas, many people may have heard, know that it is the use of gas fired steam boiler heating, more widely used in the industrial sector, then what are the advantages of steam-gas boiler, Why so popular The following will give you details gas steam boiler which products advantages. 1, natural gas is a clean environment boiler fuel, it does not produce harmful gases and smoke in the burning process. The gas-fired boilers will produce in the course of the health hazards of dust and gas, it is one of the most important factors affecting the atmospheric air quality. So many cities have introduced the relevant laws and regulations prohibit the use of gas-fired boiler. Steam gas boiler so that the boiler 2 is an environmentally friendly, energy produced when one ton of steam boiler cost gas boiler 240 yuan / ton, the cost of oil-fired boiler is 594 yuan / ton, the cost of the liquefied gas 465 yuan / ton, electrically the cost of the boiler is 700 yuan / ton, oil-fired boiler, electric boiler is relative to the gas boiler on the fuel cost is the most economical. 3, the thermal efficiency of the high phase for a gas-fired boiler, oil-fired boiler, electric boiler, gas boiler thermal efficiency is higher. Generally more than 90%. 4, long life gas boiler steam is used as a clean fuel, soot and dust is not generated in the furnace when the combustion, so that the service life longer than other types of boilers. 5, the development of the required development of the boiler has been toward energy efficient, environmentally-friendly development direction, and gas-fired boilers to meet the needs of these three points. Developed in foreign countries generally use a lot of gas boilers, boiler and our projects are basically transformed into a gas-fired boiler.

1, gross domestic product grew 6.6 percent, the total exceeded 90 trillion yuan. Economic growth to match the electricity, freight and other physical volume index. Unit of GDP energy consumption fell 3.1%. Pollution has been treated, fine particulate matter (of PM2.5) concentrations continued to decline.

3, the supply-side structural reforms deepen, the vitality of the real economy continue to release. Increase the "broken force, down" efforts. Promote the steel and coal industry to market-oriented production.

2, continue to adhere to the supply-side structural reforms as the main line ...... take more reform measures, the use of more market-oriented, rule of law means to consolidate the "three to make up a down a" results, and enhance the vitality of micro-main, upgrade the industrial chain level, smooth circulation of the national economy, promote quality economic development.

1, this sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide emissions to be decreased by 3%, the concentration of fine particles in key areas (of PM2.5) continued to decline. Ongoing in Beijing, Tianjin and the surrounding Yangtze River Delta, tackling air pollution control Fenwei plain, the strengthening of industrial, coal-fired, three motor vehicle pollution control. Good clean northern heating work to ensure that people warm winter. Strengthen water and soil pollution prevention and control, this chemical oxygen demand, ammonia emissions to fall by 2%.

Pollution prevention and control as a corporate body, must fulfill environmental liability. Environmental governance reform and innovation, both for business according to the law supervision, but also to the reasonable demands, helping to strengthen the guidance and the need for compliance rectification given a reasonable transition period to avoid measures to deal with simple and crude, shut up. Companies have internal motivation and external pressure, pollution prevention and control will be able to make greater progress.

Growth of green industry. Speed ​​up thermal power, iron and steel industry, the transformation of ultra-low emissions, the implementation of the transformation of heavy polluting industries discharge standards. Promote the use of clean coal, expedite the settlement of wind, light, water and electricity consumptive problem.

2, speed up the reform of State-owned state-owned enterprises. Strengthen and improve state-owned assets supervision and promote state-owned capital investment, the company operating the pilot reform, the promotion of state-owned assets. Actively and steadily push forward the reform of mixed ownership. Improve the corporate governance structure, improve market management mechanism, the establishment of professional managers and other systems. Disposal "zombie companies" according to the law. Deepen the reform of electricity, oil and gas, railway, natural monopoly industries to implement separate transport network, the comprehensive competitive business market according to the different characteristics of the industry. State-owned enterprises through reform and innovation, physical fitness, and constantly enhance the vitality and core competitiveness.

What matters to pay attention to in selecting Gas-fired Boiler

Today, gas-fired boiler equipment has become more and more widely used, mainly because it is more economical than electric boilers. Of course, because of this advantage, people are concerned about which brand of gas-fired boiler is good, this issue is also very high. In fact, the choice of gas-fired boiler in addition to its brand should also pay attention to the following points.

1. Inspection of factory qualifications because most people are used to focusing on the price and quality of their products when choosing their products. Therefore, the inspection of manufacturers' qualifications is an important matter that many users often ignore in purchasing professional gas-fired boilers, and the choice of qualified boiler manufacturers is also an important way to ensure excellent and genuine equipment quality. This can be judged from some certificates that manufacturers should have, such as gas boiler management certificate, quality system management certificate and special boiler equipment manufacturing license and so on.

2. Technical consultation, in fact, users with certain skills in selecting gas-fired boilers will conduct technical advice and communication with businessmen in order to better understand the characteristics and advantages of boiler equipment. However, many users will choose the gas-fired boiler equipment they need directly because of the trouble, which often takes a lot of time and effort, so it is not recommended here.

3, in addition to the inspection of the after-sale details, what we have to mention is to focus on the after-sale contents of gas-fired boilers. Because from the boiler after-sale content that the merchant can provide, we can effectively understand whether the relevant after-sales service provided by the other party is in their own interest or not. At the same time, it can also ensure their after-sale rights and interests through the careful degree of after-sales service and the scope of protection.

What fuel does the eco-friendly 200 liter electric cooking pot electric cooking boiler use? Many customers have mentioned this problem, it seems that we are very concerned about this issue. Fangkuai eco-boiler summarized this, after reading, I believe you have a clear answer to this question. First of all, the environmental protection boiler is a more general concept. It is not classified according to the fuel used, but refers to the discharge of flue gas from the boiler to meet the national standards. So what kind of fuel does the eco-friendly boiler use? Commonly used fuels are natural gas, diesel, electricity, methanol, and so on. The first push is natural gas eco-friendly boiler, its fuel natural gas is a Class clean energy, combustion products after treatment for safe emissions. Natural gas boiler maintenance costs are also very low, energy efficiency is also very high, for example, our Fangkuai natural gas boiler thermal efficiency can reach 95%. The boiler is also the government's first environmentally friendly boiler. The fuel used by fuel-fired environmentally friendly boilers is generally diesel fuel, because the price of diesel oil is relatively low, and the acidic substances such as sulfur dioxide produced by its combustion can be treated to meet the standards of safe discharge. The supporting measures it needs are storage tanks. Maintenance costs are also low, with thermal efficiency up to 90% or more. Electric heating boilers also belong to Environmental protection boilers, supporting facilities are wire and cable requirements, it is zero pollution, maintenance costs are very low, but the country has energy conservation requirements, some places may have the situation of power restriction, especially in summer peak. This is also where you need to pay special attention. Methanol energy-saving boiler has high thermal efficiency. The supporting facilities are storage tank and environmental protection boiler supported by the government. Over the years, China's haze weather is more, especially in the northern region and even aggravating trend. This has aroused widespread concern. The direct harm of haze is to affect people's mood. Who sees the blue sky and white clouds? Are you in a good mood? I believe you have the same experience. At present, the state has vigorously cracked down on air pollution and carried out control from the source. Many areas have already given specific tasks, some areas have become no-coal zones, and small-scale coal-fired boilers are speeding up the demolition work. The Environmental Protection Department's inspection team went to each of the designated areas and found that there were false reports and ordered them to be rectified. The government's efforts to clean up air pollution are evident. Now the eco-friendly boiler has become a new substitute, which is strongly advocated and supported by the government. Through the above Fangkuai energy-saving boiler to give you a summary of the introduction, I believe you to the environment-friendly boiler with what kind of combustion The material has a deeper understanding.

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